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Join the Career Launch BLOCK PARTY today!

Join the BLOCK PARTY !

There will be training stations that include Applying for the right job, how to nail the interview & how to dress for success. 

Brand yourself and launch yourself into your BEST CAREER.  We’re going to take you higher and get you HIRED‼     *ages 16+

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  • Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm ( yummy snacks provided)

  • Place: The Center, 6331 Watt Avenue, N. Highlands, CA 95660

  • Details: This is a on the spot job opportunity event so be sure to bring your I.D., and be ready to stay the entire time for training, prizes, and to land that job.  There are tons of opportunities in different fields for several large corporations (customer service, graphics, the arts, drivers, administrative, food services & more)


About higher 2 hired

How this works for YOU!


 Higher2Hired  will bring in a group of young people and their families and educate them through a four-station process, on the science and art behind acquiring work. Each ‘station’ will, in fact, be 10-minute training sessions. 

Think of it like this - a speed dating style, job training rally with DJ's, prizes in between each station, and an interview at the end.

Not only will you get some training and a job offer, you will also experience...

Dress for Success Fashion Show: Attire and outward presentation for a job interview are important. We’ll go over the acceptable attire that will set prospective employees up for success.

Pop-Up Story telling: Current corporate employees will tell their stories of hard work and success as they landed their dreams jobs. 

The Event


The sessions will include:

1. How to Interview: Participants will learn the dos and don’ts of the interview process, including strategies on answering questions, body language and preparation.

2. The Application: Line by line, we will examine a real-life application, going over what a business is looking for in a strong hire.

3. Developing Your Personal Brand: You are your best marketing tool for landing the right job for you. We’ll go over how prospective employees can represent themselves online, in person, and in writing that will set prospective employees up for success.

4. The Interview: In this final step, participants will meet with potential employers who are genuinely interested in acquiring new hires. At the end of the interview, managers may offer them employment.

Our Goal


Our objective is to give career and professional development training to underserved communities, helping them secure employment with our corporate partners. We plan to bring these events in a fun and entertaining way into communities, rather than the people coming to us. 

The other service we provide is in increasing our corporate partners’ social capital. The events serve as a positive public relations, improving their standing in the community and giving them an avenue into quality potential employees.

Some 14 percent of Sacramento County residents live below the poverty level, and nearly 4 out of 10 residents aged 16 and over are not in the labor force, according to the United State Census Bureau.

People need work, particularly our neighbors in underserved communities. With the help of our corporate partners, we connect under-resourced populations, including at-risk youth at a high school and college level, as well as their families, with real, sustainable employment that provides stability and opportunities for growth.

Our Partners and Employers... so far


Need to higher some exceptional people?

Looking for quality young people to bring life to the workplace?  Become a partner with US! WE will train, bring the fun, and you do the hiring. Simple.....

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